Anne Charity Hudley

Anne Charity Hudley
Faculty Fellow
Director of Undergraduate Research


I am the Director of Undergraduate Research for the College of Letters and Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a CITRAL Faculty Fellow. I am the North Hall Endowed Chair in the Linguistics of African America in the Linguistics Department. I am also Faculty-in-Residence in the Santa Catalina Residences and San Joaquin Villages.

I am a sociolinguist with a focus on African-American language and culture and educational linguistics. My research and publications address the relationship between language variation and Pre-K-16 educational practices and policies. I also write about inclusion in higher education as a whole. I have co-authored three books and one edited collection and I’ve written or co-authored over 25 articles and book chapters. The focus of my work has been on the actions that educators can take to create high impact inclusive learning environments with, rather than for students. As such, I have led numerous workshops, conferences and other events for faculty and I look forward to continuing that work with CITRAL.

I also write about undergraduate research, particularly for students to use themselves. I co-authored the book The Indispensable Guide to Undergraduate Research: Success in and Beyond College with Cheryl Dickter and Hannah Franz so that the questions that many students had asked us about undergraduate research over the years could be found in one place.

My work research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Mellon Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Jessie Bal duPont Fund, and the Bank of American Foundation. I have also worked to secure financial support from individual donors in support of undergraduate research and scholarships for underrepresented students in particular.

I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and I have served as a member of the National Council of Teachers of English Research Committee. I have been a consultant to the National Research Council Committee on Language and Education and to the National Science Foundation’s Committee on Broadening Participation in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sciences.

I love to travel and to think about traveling. I also love to throw themed parties and events. I’ve been a singer and dancer my entire life. Teaching has a great element of performance to it, so every day is a show!