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Data-Enhanced Teaching and Learning

DETAiL is a collaboration between CITRAL and Campus Data Services. With DETAiL, you can gain access to demographic information of UCSB students and asset-based teaching strategies to support you and your students.

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What is DETAiL?

Enhancing your course and supporting your students.

DETAiL provides demographic information about students at two levels of specificity, empowering instructors to mold courses to their students with teaching materials and integrated data dashboards.




Access an institutional-divisional overview: demographic information about all UCSB undergraduates and all UCSB undergraduates who have declared majors in the College of Letters and Science or the College of Engineering. Instructors are strongly encouraged to complete UCSB's FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) training.




Access course-specific demographics: information about all students enrolled in the instructor’s course (updated daily). Instructors must complete DETAiL training to access level two reports. Contact CITRAL (via the link below) for information about Level 2 training and full DETAiL access.

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Note: Instructors must complete FERPA training to access.

The Teams Behind DETAiL



Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning (CITRAL)

CITRAL collaborates to create equitably, socially just teaching and learning through seminars, research, workshops, innovations, and assessment. CITRAL also houses a resource library to further inform asset-focused, research-based teaching.

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Campus Data Services

The Data Services team provides secure and accurate access to institutional data to facilitate decision-making and the operations and mission of the university. UCSB collects vast amounts of data in systems used by students, faculty, and staff, and the data services team has implemented common campus data systems and reporting tools to facilitate the analysis of this data.

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Getting Started

Level one reports and further information about this resource can be found on the DETAiL website.

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