Our office currently hosts two initiatives that focus on the humanities and fine arts.

Applications are due in late Fall.





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Thanks to a Mellon Foundation grant, teams of faculty and graduate students can propose to redesign a large-enrollment GE course. The grant provides pedagogical support as well as funding for course redesign materials, stipends, and TAs and undergraduate learning assistants.

Engaging Humanities is a set of related initiatives intended to increase enrollment in humanities majors through innovative programming. In 2021–2024 Engaging Humanities will offer pedagogical and financial support to HFA instructors and graduate student teams redesigning General Education curriculum with a focus on equity and justice. This support can be applied to GE course redesigns that advance the HFA Racial Justice Action Plan commitments.

The General Education Redesign Initiative provides instructors and graduate student stipends, funding for a TA and/or ULAs, and $12,000 in course development funds to support the redesign of a large (100+ students) GE humanities course or a series of courses. Courses must be taught at least once each year to be considered. These courses can be within a department, or they can be pulled together into an aligned theme or thread across departments. Teams must include HFA instructors but can also include some non-HFA instructors or students. Instructor and graduate student teams will also work with CITRAL staff on elements of the course.

Deadline: Thursday, November 30

For more information about submitting proposals and more, click here.



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Thanks to the generosity of John and Jody Arnhold, UCSB instructors in the humanities and beyond can participate in a professional development seminar and propose an interdisciplinary Summer Session course. Course support includes stipends, honoraria for visiting speakers, and funds for course materials. The Arnhold Innovative Teaching and Learning Initiative(AITLI) provides support for instructors to develop innovative, team-taught, interdisciplinary courses.

The Initiative invites applications for two tracks:

Participation in the Arnhold Arts and Humanities Across the Curriculum (AHAC) Seminar (Spring 2024)

Development of a new Arnhold course and participation in the AHAC Seminar (Spring 2024 onward)

Call for Course Proposals and FAQ