DEI Discussions & Inclusive Teaching Symposium

Join us to read a book in small groups throughout the winter quarter with reflections, discussion questions, and practical applications of what we learn. Each group is a community of practice that builds on trust and mutual respect as we discuss inclusivity and equity in higher education. The books are chosen to explore these ideas as well as guide participants towards meaningful actions and practices in their teaching and mentoring approach. At the end of the quarter, reading group participants are invited to share their reflections as part of the Inclusive Teaching Symposium (more info to come in Winter).

Winter 24: From Equity Talk to Equity Walk

This year’s reading groups will be reading the book “From Equity Talk to Equity Walk” by Drs. Tia Brown McNair, Estela Mara Bensimon, and Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux. There will be two sets of reading groups, one for Graduate Students and Postdocs facilitated by Dr. Olga Faccani, and another set of groups for Faculty and Staff facilitated by Dr. Nate Emery. Graduate students and postdocs who participate in all discussion sessions will obtain the Certificate in Inclusive Teaching (CIT), launching in Winter for TAs at UCSB. 

Faculty/staff sign up for “DEI Discussions: From Equity Talk to Equity Walk.” Email Nate Emery at nemery @ if you have any questions 

Grad students/postdocs sign up for “DEI Discussions: From Equity Talk to Equity Walk.” Email Olga Faccani at ofaccani @ if you have any questions 

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From Equity Talk to Equity Walk book cover

Inclusive Teaching Symposium

A conversation and celebration of the efforts across campus to improve and support inclusivity and equity in higher education. The symposium includes talks from campus leaders, a student panel, and an invited guest speaker. More information to follow in Winter Quarter '24.

Symposium Schedule Winter 2023


Join us!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2024 from 12-3pm PST

CITRAL (Library 1576)

Hear from past participants of the DEI Discussions reading groups...


"Reviewing and improving our own teaching should be an iterative and dynamic process, but oftentimes our courses remain static because we don't know where to begin. This program is collaborative and thought-provoking, and is exactly the kind of motivation I needed to start that process!"
- Faculty/Staff '23



"Inclusivity and belonging is better and easier discussed together! This reading group program was a great way for me to think critically about building inclusivity and belonging in my course, and I could get insight from the broader UCSB community who shared their experiences with inclusivity techniques."

- Faculty/Staff '23


"The most meaningful thing I learned was that inclusivity is always the goal but is always a work in progress. I learned to continuously question my own DEI practices and to always aim to improve."

- Graduate Student/Postdoc '23