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Promoting Postdoc Progress

Promoting Postdoc Progress (P3) is a STEM postdoctoral professional development program held in spring quarter. It is comprised of 9 sessions, once a week. Build complimentary skills and launch your career! P3 is held in collaboration with the Graduate Division and CSEP. This program is open to all STEM postdocs at UC Santa Barbara. The previous cohort included postdocs from Math, Psychology, Ecology, Materials Engineering, Neuroscience, Marine Science, Physics, Geography, Earth Science, Chemical and Electrical Engineering.


Registration will open in Winter Quarter. 



Learning Goals


When you leave this program you will be more confident in your ability to:

  • Navigate the STEM career landscape 

  • Explain and integrate evidence-based teaching practices into your future teaching opportunities

  • Mentor students and others with an inclusive, equitable approach

  • Collaborate with colleagues and manage projects more effectively

  • Structure your research practices to be more inclusive and efficient

  • Assess your own teaching, research, and mentoring practices

  • Competitively apply for jobs in academic and non-academic careers




Take advantage of the many things this program offers, including:

  • Gain transferable skills that apply to a variety of STEM careers

  • Peer collaboration and networking with fellow postdocs

  • Postdoctoral alumni will Zoom-in for conversations and Q&A about careers, training, and work/life balance

  • Build your job application materials throughout the program (Teaching, Research statements, Cover Letters, Resume/CVs, LinkedIn profiles)

  • Practice interviews with peers and outside experts

Hear from our past participants...


"The P3 program definitely helped fill in some of the gaps in my PhD training. I feel better prepared to find and succeed in a career after my postdoc. It was great to meet other postdocs, learn from them, and build a supportive community."
- Postdoc in Ecology '23


"A lot of useful information delivered in bite-sized lectures makes this program enjoyable. I loved the activities and the interview prep, appreciate the resources and useful advice curated by the organizer."

- Postdoc in Chemical Engineering '23


"Every hands-on experience, from crafting research and teaching statements to practicing interviews, was incredibly valuable. It provided us with the opportunity to learn and grow without any repercussions for making mistakes. These allowed us to fine-tune our skills, receive feedback, and improve in areas where we needed development. It was a safe and supportive environment that fostered growth and helped us build confidence for future endeavors."

- Postdoc in Geography '23


"I really enjoyed being in a safe and respectful place where I could learn how to approach my job search. I learned a lot about teaching/mentoring and now interviewing for jobs is less intimidating. I liked hearing the experience of people that are employed in multiple fields and their experience."

- Postdoc in Microbiology '23


Registration opening soon.

Registration will open in the Winter Quarter. Keep an eye out!

The program is held Spring Quarter - 9 sessions, once a week. Contact Nate Emery with any questions.